Valvoline, division of Ashland Inc. USA was founded in 1866 by Dr. John Ellis, who formulated the first petroleum based lubricant to lubricate the valves of a steam engine.

Valvoline was first commercially used in 1873 and was trademarked in 1906, to become the first mineral lubricating trademark ever registered.

Dr. John Ellis believed that “quality is never an accident”. Furthering this philosophy, over years, Valvoline progressively invested in Research & Development, leading to successive innovations for more than a century.

Today, Valvoline not only manufactures and markets quality lubricants but also provides complete automotive solution to its customers through “Family of Brands” which include Eagle One appearance products, Car Brite vehicle restoration products, Zerex coolants & antifreeze, Valvoline / Pyroil automotive chemicals and MaxLife product series, specially catering to need of higher mileage vehicles.

Over 140 years of expertise in technology and innovation, helps Valvoline formulate products that deliver ‘quality’ and ‘value’ to its customers, in more than 100 countries across the globe.

Valvoline continues to drive innovation and expansion of its worldwide R&D / production facilities and also distribution network, to add value and serve those, whom it values the most, “it’s customers”.



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