Valvoline Synpower Motor Oil SAE 5W40

Valvoline Synpower Motor Oil SAE 5W40

Valvoline’s SynPower full synthetic motor oil, a premium product, is formulated with the highest quality synthetic base stock and deployed with most advanced and proven additive technology to meet/ exceed the requirements of modern engines manufactured around the globe. The product not only provides higher level of fuel efficiency than conventional oils but also provides protection to the engine at extreme operating temperatures and severe service conditions. SynPower 5W40 meets the stringent performance requirements of virtually all naturally aspirated, turbocharged and supercharges passenger cars / SUVs whether manufactured in Japan, US, Europe or Asian sub-continent.

The Valvoline SynPower Motor Oil advantages

  • Breakdown Resistance: Increases thermal and oxidation stability.
  • Deposit Control: Reduces formation of sludge and varnish deposits.
  • Wear Protection: Improves oil film strength and breakdown resistance.
  • Volatility: Lowers oil vaporization and consumption at extreme conditions.
  • Cold start Properties: Oil flows easily at low temperatures.



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