Midea Seminar 2016


ATEC Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd., an emerging HVAC solution provider company, in collaboration with Midea CAC China, conducted two seminars in Karachi and Islamabad on 20th and 22nd September respectively.

Midea Commercial Air Conditioner (MCAC) is a division of the Midea Group founded in 1968. It was established in 1999 and manufactured the first VRF in China in year 2000. With inverter driven residential and commercial air conditioning equipment and controls, Midea is among the world’s largest volume electric motor, compressor and HVAC manufacturers with 14 domestic and 6 overseas manufacturing bases and with three focussing on commercial air-conditioners.

Midea Group is a Forbes & Fortune 2015 company with revenue in excess of $ 21.3 billion with more than 90,000 employees worldwide, making it the one of the largest global air conditioning company.

Seminars started off with recitation from the Holy Quran. First presentation was from Mr.Waqar Mohammad, CEO of ATEC who talked about the challenges and business opportunities in Pakistan economy and transition of ATEC from Orient Energy. Mr.Junaid Alam (AGM-HVAC) spoke about various projects completed with Midea equipment and technology and how Pakistan customers are benefitting from this business partnership.

Later, Mr. Simen Wang, OBM Manager of Midea CAC, Asia Pacific, gave presentation on Midea brand, company profile and product range.

Last presentation of the evening was from Dr. Peter Xia Lunxi, VP of Midea CAC, R&D Director of Midea Chillers. Dr. Xia gave detailed talk on the latest technological advancement in the field of centrifugal chillers by Midea and what cost benefits it provide to the end user.

Guests took active part in question and answer session and enquired about the chillers and other products Midea had to offer. Seminar ended with sumptuous dinner and group photograph.