About ATEC

ATEC at a Glance

ATEC Solutions is a leading supplier of advanced automotive lubricant in Pakistan. We are committed to making the world a better place through our world-first and most persistent lubricant brand Valvoline(Tm).


It is ATEC’s mission to provide lubricants with international repute to the vehicle owners and enthusiasts in Pakistan. Commitment towards quality is our promise.


To become Number one Independent Lubricant Manufacturer in Pakistan.

Message from the C.E.O

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the ATEC Solutions website. At ATEC Solutions, what we supply is at the core of the modern, safe and energy-efficient lubricant your car engine needs. But we define “the core” as much more than the product or service we produce.

Our core is our people each of us brings special strengths and skills to work every day. We all are individual inventors who join forces to become an unstoppable force for good. Our power and ability to lead society to a new and better place is drawn from each of us, from who we all are at our core: what we believe, the choices we make and the actions we take every day.

We have an extensive distribution network, which we use to deliver our products to wholesale and retail market. We believe the efficiency and flexibility in our integrated system allows us to capture opportunities in the markets we serve and has been the key to success of our business.

I invite you to learn more about ATEC Solutions & Valvoline by reviewing the information on this website.

Our Culture

Culture makes the difference

Even the best strategy cannot succeed unless it is supported by a strong culture. That’s why we at ATEC live and foster an Ownership Culture, a culture that encourages every individual in our Company to give his or her best in his or her position in order to help build ATEC’s long-term success.

Ownership Culture

A company’s culture, its values and what it stands for makes the difference it’s not just the strategy. ATEC is a company led by owners who are passionate in the firm’s long-term successful development. They all know that every individual makes a contribution every day to the Company’s enduring success. We’re following this conviction and want to foster an Ownership Culture that includes all of our people.